Korean Word: 게임
Romanization: ge im
English Meaning: game
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Example Sentences:

하계 올림픽 게임은 1896년에 그리스에서 최초로 개최되었습니다.
ha gye ol lim pic ge im woon 1896 nyun e goo ri soo e suh chue cho ro ge chue dwe ut soop ni da.
The Summer Olympic Games took place for the first time in 1896 in Greece.
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그는 크리스마스 선물로 비디오 게임기를 원합니다.
goo noon keu ri seu ma seu sun mool ro bi di o ge im gi rool wun hap ni da.
For Christmas he wants a game console.
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이 게임의 규칙은 무엇입니까?
i ge im eui gyoo chik eun moo ut ip ni ka?
What are the rules of this game?
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백개먼 게임 한 판 더 할래요?
bek ge mun ge im han pan duh hal re yo?
Would you like to play another game of backgammon?
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내가 네 나이 때 이 게임을 정말 좋아했었어!
ne ga ne na i te i ge im eul jung mal jo a het ut suh!
I used to love playing this game when I was your age!
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게임 해요!
ge im he yo!
Let's play a game!
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그 남자는 40이 넘은 나이에 아직도 비디오 게임을 하고 있어요.
geu nam ja neun ma heun i num eun na i e a jik do bi di o ge im eul ha go it suh yo.
He is over 40, but still plays computer games.
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