Korean Word:
Romanization: te
English Meaning: 1. dirt, filth (on one or one's clothes) 2. time, occasion 3. when
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Word Forms: 을 때 (eul te)

Example Sentences:

난 가끔 고약한 성질을 부릴 때가 있어요.
nan ga keum go yak han sung jil eul boo ril te ga it suh yo.
Sometimes I'm really bad-tempered.
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나는 일을 할 때 주로 음악을 들으면서 합니다.
na noon il wool hal te joo ro woo mak wool doo roo myun suh hap ni da.
Most of the time I listen to music while working.
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제 딸은 여름 방학때 항상 슈퍼마켓에서 일합니다.
je tal woon yuh room bang hak te hang sang shoo puh ma ket e suh il hap ni da.
During the summer holidays my daughter always works in a supermarket.
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저는 가까운 거리를 갈 때도 안전을 위해 항상 안전벨트를 착용합니다.
juh neun ga ka woon guh ri reul gal te do an jun eul wi he hang sang an jun bel teu reul cha gyong hap ni da.
For security I always put on a seatbelt, even for short journeys.
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아이들은 어릴 때부터 함께 나누는 것을 배워야 합니다.
a i deul eun uh ril te boo tuh ham ke na noo neun gut eul be wuh ya hap ni da.
Children should learn to share at an early age.
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이 도시는 2차대전 때 거의 파괴되었습니다.
i do si noon 2 cha de jun te guh ui pa gwe dwe ut soop ni da.
This city was almost completely destroyed in the second world war.
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내가 필요할 때 항상 내 옆에 있는 그는 나의 가장 친한 친구입니다.
ne ga pil yo hal te hang sang ne yup e it noon goo noon na ui ga jang chin han chin goo ip ni da.
He is my best friend, because he is always there for me.
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