Korean Word: 실행
Romanization: shil heng
English Meaning: action, carrying out, implement

Example Sentences:

그녀에 대해 알고 싶다면 실행에 옮겨야지!
geu nyuh e de he al go ship da myun shil heng e om gyuh ya ji!
If you want to get to know her, you will have to take the initiative!
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이 규칙들은 엄격하게 실행되지 않고 있습니다.
i gyoo chik deul eun um gyuk ha ge shil heng dwe ji an go it seup ni da.
These rules aren't strictly enforced.
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Related Words:


1. thread 2. room (hanja) 3. to lose (hanja) 4. real, true 5. (particle after verb to add meaning of politeness and future)

Here: real, true

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