Korean Word: 있다
Romanization: it da
English Meaning: 1. to be 2. to have 3. to stay 4. to (directing someone when emphasizing)

Word Forms: 있 (it), 있어 (it suh), 있었 (it sut)

Example Sentences:

한국은 아시아에 있습니다.
han gook eun a shi a e it seup ni da.
Korea is located in Asia.
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누구나 자신의 의견을 가질 권리가 있습니다.
noo goo na ja shin eui ui gyun eul ga jil gyun ri ga it seup ni da.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
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양심의 가책이 있는 사람이에요?
yang shim eui ga chek i it neun sa ram i e yo?
Do you have a guilty conscience?
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이 내용은 독일어로도 나와 있습니다.
i ne yong eun dok il uh ro do na wa it seup ni da.
This text is also available in German.
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그 사람은 부상으로 목숨을 잃을 수도 있었어요.
geu sa ram eun boo sang eu ro mok soom eul il eul soo do it sut uh yo.
His injuries were life-threatening.
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전화기가 어디에 있어요?
jun hwa gi ga uh di e it suh yo?
Where is the telephone?
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여기서는 비둘기에게 모이를 주는 것이 금지되어 있습니다.
yuh gi suh neun bi dool gi e ge mo i reul joo neun gut i geum ji dwe uh it seup ni da.
It is forbidden to feed the pigeons here.
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