Korean Word: 보이다
Romanization: bo i da
English Meaning: to be seen

Word Forms: 보여 (bo yuh), 보였 (bo yut), 보이 (bo i), 보인 (bo in), 보일 (bo il), 보입 (bo ip)

Example Sentences:

배가 수평선 상에 보입니다.
be ga soo pyung sun sang e bo ip ni da.
A ship is visible on the horizon.
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이 방은 더 저렴하지만 바다가 보이지 않습니다.
i bang eun duh juh ryum ha ji man ba da ga bo i ji an seup ni da.
This room is cheaper but doesn't have a sea view.
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이 옷을 입으니까 정말 웃겨 보여요.
i ot eul i beu ni ka jung mal woot gyuh bo yuh yo.
You look really silly in this costume.
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제 상사는 벌써 쉰 살이 넘었지만 아직도 젊어 보입니다.
je sang sa neun bul suh shwin sal i num ut ji man a jik do jul muh bo ip ni da.
My boss is already over 50, but he still looks very young.
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이 안경은 그를 더 나이들어 보이게 합니다.
i an gyung eun geu reul duh na i deul uh bo i ge hap ni da.
These glasses make him look older.
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슬퍼 보이세요. 무슨 문제라도 있으세요?
seul puh bo i se yo. moo seun moon je ra do it eu se yo?
You look so sad. What is the matter?
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합의점이 보이지 않습니다.
hap ui jum i bo i ji an seup ni da.
There doesn't seem to be an agreement in sight.
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