Korean Word:
Romanization: e
English Meaning: 1. at, to, by, on, in (particle after place, time or object) 2. because of (particle after noun or gerund to add reason) 3. for (particle after noun or gerund to add 'purpose')
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Example Sentences:

어디에 가세요?
uh di e ga se yo?
Where are you going?
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한국은 아시아에 있습니다.
han gook eun a shi a e it seup ni da.
Korea is located in Asia.
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저녁에 만나요!
juh nyuk e man na yo!
See you in the evening!
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지하철역에 어떻게 갑니까?
ji ha chul yuk e uh du ke gap ni ka?
How can I get to the subway station?
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그 사람은 주변에 터놓고 말할 상대가 없습니다.
goo sa ram woon joo byun e tuh not go mal hal sang de ga up soop ni da.
He has nobody to confide in.
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집에 가고 싶습니다.
jip e ga go ship seup ni da.
I want to go home.
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그분은 혼자 동떨어진 곳에 삽니다.
goo boon woon hon ja dong tul uh jin got e sap ni da.
He lives in the middle of nowhere.
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