Korean Word:
Romanization: wa
English Meaning: 1. with 2. and 3. wow (sound of exclamation)
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Example Sentences:

그의 꿈은 돌고래와 같이 수영을 한번 해보는 겁니다.
geu eui koom eun dol go re wa ga chi soo yung eul han bun he bo neun gup ni da.
His dream is to swim with dolphins once.
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제 변호사와 상의하고 싶습니다.
je byun ho sa wa sang eui ha go ship seup ni da.
I would like to talk to my lawyer.
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저는 마침내 아내와 다투지 말아야 한다는 사실을 깨달았습니다.
juh neun ma chim ne a ne wa da too ji ma ra ya han da neun sa shil eul ke da rat seup ni da.
I've finally learnt never to disagree with my wife.
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밖이 엄청 추우니까, 양털 모자와 목도리를 가져가는 게 좋을 겁니다.
bak i um chung choo woo ni ka, yang tul mo ja wa mok do ri reul ga juh ga neun ge jo wool gup ni da.
Outside it's very cold, better take your woolly hat and scarf with you.
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그는 미국사람이지만 그의 증조부와 증조모는 독일사람입니다.
goo noon mi gook sa ram i ji man goo ui joong jo boo wa joong jo mo noon dok il sa ram ip ni da.
He is from the USA, but his great-grandparents are from Germany.
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저와 공통점이 아주 많아요.
juh wa gong tong jum i a joo ma na yo.
You and I have so much in common.
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한 남자가 이 범죄와 관련되어 체포되었습니다.
han nam ja ga i bum jwe wa gwan ryun dwe uh che po dwe ut soop ni da.
A man was arrested in connection with this crime.
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