Korean Word: 일본어
Romanization: il bon uh
English Meaning: Japanese (language)

Example Sentences:

일본어 잘해요.
il bon uh jal he yo.
I can speak Japanese well.
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그는 일본어를 조금 합니다.
geu neun il bon uh reul jo geum hap ni da.
He only speaks a little Japanese.
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저는 일본어를 합니다.
juh neun il bon uh reul hap ni da.
I speak Japanese.
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Related Words:


il bon


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1. language 2. fish 3. (particle to make a question, casual tone) 4. (particle to finish a sentence, casual tone) 5. by 6. What?, Excuse me? (casual tone) 7. Oh! or Err..(filler) 8. Yes (casual tone)

Here: language

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