Korean Word: 덥다
Romanization: dup da
English Meaning: hot (temperature)
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Word Forms: 더운 (duh woon), 더울 (duh wool), 더워 (duh wuh), 덥 (dup)

Example Sentences:

여기는 여름에 엄청나게 더워요.
yuh gi noon yuh room e um chung na ge duh wuh yo.
In summer it's extremely hot here.
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아프리카는 남극보다 훨씬 더 덥습니다.
a poo ri ka noon nam gook bo da hwul sin duh dup soop ni da.
In Africa it's much hotter than in Antarctica.
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터키 남부 지방은 8월에 견딜 수 없을 정도로 더워집니다.
tuh ki nam boo ji bang eun pal wul e gyun dil soo up eul jung do ro duh wuh jip ni da.
In August it's unbearably hot in the South of Turkey.
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날이 더워서 모기가 많아졌습니다.
nal i duh wuh suh mo gi ga ma na jyut soop ni da.
Because of the heat there are a lot mosquitoes.
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대만 남부는 북부보다 훨씬 더 덥습니다.
de man nam boo neun book boo bo da hwul sin duh dup soop ni da.
In the South of Taiwan it's much hotter than it is in the North.
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오늘은 참을 수 없이 덥습니다.
o nool woon cham eul soo up i dup seup ni da.
The heat is unbearable today.
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오늘 날씨가 아주 더워요.
o neul nal si ga a joo duh wuh yo.
It is very hot today.
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