Korean Word:
Romanization: eun
English Meaning: 1. (subject particle) 2. (particle to add emphasis) 3. (particle after a verb to modify a noun, past tense) 4. (particle after an adjective to modify a noun, present tense) 5. (verb ending for present tense) 6. silver

Example Sentences:

한국은 아시아에 있습니다.
han gook eun a shi a e it seup ni da.
Korea is located in Asia.
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그 사람은 주변에 터놓고 말할 상대가 없습니다.
geu sa ram eun joo byun e tuh not go mal hal sang de ga up seup ni da.
He has nobody to confide in.
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그 사람은 부모 말을 듣지 않고 자기 고집대로 합니다.
geu sa ram eun boo mo mal eul deut ji an go ja gi go jip de ro hap ni da.
He does what he wants regardless of what his parents say.
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그분은 혼자 동떨어진 곳에 삽니다.
geu boon eun hon ja dong tul uh jin got e sap ni da.
He lives in the middle of nowhere.
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진실은 항상 밝혀지게 마련입니다.
jin shil eun hang sang bal kyuh ji ge ma ryun ip ni da.
The truth always comes out.
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오늘은 전세계 역사에 남을 만한 날입니다.
o neul eun jun se ge yuk sa e na meul man han nal ip ni da.
This is a memorable day for the whole world.
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당신은 가망이 없습니다.
dang shin eun ga mang i up seup ni da.
You don't stand a chance.
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