Korean Word: 진짜
Romanization: jin cha
English Meaning: 1. real, genuine 2. really, truly
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Example Sentences:

이게 진짜 명조시대 자기입니까?
i ge jin cha myung jo si de ja gi ip ni ka?
Is that a real Ming vase?
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그는 편집인이지만 그가 진짜 꿈꿔온 직업은 생명 구조대원입니다.
goo noon pyun jip in i ji man goo ga jin cha koom kwuh on jik up woon seng myung goo jo de won ip ni da.
He is an editor, but his dream job is to be a lifeguard.
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이건 진짜 총이 아니라 모형이에요.
i gun jin cha chong i a ni ra mo hyung i e yo.
This is not a real gun, it's a replica.
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말도 안 되지만 진짜예요. 이 하마는 커피마시는 걸 좋아해요.
mal do an dwe ji man jin cha ye yo. i ha ma neun kuh pi ma shi neun gul jo a he yo.
Crazy but true - this hippo loves to drink coffee.
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네 귀걸이 진짜 예쁘다!
ne gwi gu ri jin cha ye peu da!
Your earrings are really pretty!
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Related Words:


1. true, truth 2. sap (of tree) 3. energy 4. dark (in colour) 5. ('지', particle before negative word or question + '은', particle after subject or object word) 6. crew, member

Here: true, truth

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