Korean Word:
Romanization: de
English Meaning: 1. (particle after word to add meaning of 'and then' or 'but then') 2. place 3. (particle used when telling facts and situations) 4. on, for (doing something)
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Word Forms: 는데 (neun de), 은데 (eun de)

Example Sentences:

저는 35살인데, 그쪽 분은 어떻게 되세요?
juh neun 35 sal in de, geu jok boon eun uh tuh ke dwe se yo
I'm 35 years old and how old are you?
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실례합니다. 이건 주문한 게 아닌데요.
shil le hap ni da. i gun joo moon han ge a nin de yo.
Excuse me, I didn't order this!
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세상에, 저기 사고가 난 것 같은데요.
se sang e, juh gi sa go ga nan gut gat eun de yo.
Oh my god, I think an accident happened there.
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저 가구는 완전히 새 것인데 제 고양이가 벌써 할퀴어 놓았습니다.
juh ga goo neun wan jun hi se gut in de je go yang i ga bul suh hal qwi uh no at seup ni da.
That furniture is brand new, and my cat has already scratched it.
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이걸 사려고 하는데 계산대가 어디에 있죠?
i gul sa ryuh go ha neun de gye san de ga uh di e it jyo?
I want to buy this, where is the check out?
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여기요, 주문하고 싶은데요.
yuh gi yo, joo moon ha go ship eun de yo.
Excuse me, we would like to order. (in a restaurant)
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밖에 날씨도 따뜻한데 반바지를 입지 그래요!
bak e nal si do ta teut han de ban ba ji reul ip ji geu re yo!
Why don't you wear shorts, it's very warm outside!
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