Korean Word: 한국어
Romanization: han gook uh
English Meaning: Korean language

Example Sentences:

연습을 하면 할수록 한국어 실력은 더 늘 거예요.
yun seup eul ha myun hal soo rok han gook uh shil lyuk eun duh neul guh ye yo.
The more you practise, the better your Korean will be.
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저는 이 웹사이트를 통해 한국어를 아주 빨리 배우고 있습니다.
juh neun i wep sa i teu reul tong he han gook uh reul a joo pal li be woo go it seup ni da.
I learn Korean very rapidly with this website.
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저는 한국어를 배웁니다.
juh neun han gook uh reul be woop ni da.
I'm learning Korean.
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한국어 할 줄 아세요?
han gook uh hal jool a se yo?
Do you speak Korean?
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그는 수년간 한국어를 공부해 왔어요.
geu neun soo nyun gan han gook uh reul gong boo he wat uh yo.
He has been studying Korean for many years.
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han gook

South Korea

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Here: language

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