Korean Word: 파티
Romanization: pa ti
English Meaning: party

Example Sentences:

파티가 한창이에요.
pa ti ga han chang i e yo.
The party is in full swing.
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금요일에 파티에 와주시겠어요?
geum yo il e pa ti e wa joo shi get uh yo
Would you like to come to the party on Friday?
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당신의 생일파티에 꼭 가겠습니다.
dang shin eui seng il pa ti e kok ga get seup ni da.
I will definitely be at your birthday party.
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바베큐 파티에 오실래요?
ba be kyoo pa ti e o shil le yo?
Would you like to come to our barbecue party?
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내일 제 생일 파티를 하는데 오실래요?
ne il je seng il pa ti reul ha neun de o shil le yo?
Tomorrow is my birthday party, do you want to come?
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오늘 밤 친구들이랑 파티에 가고 싶지만 너무 바쁩니다.
o neul bam chin goo deul i rang pa ti e ga go ship ji man nuh moo ba beum ni da.
I would go to the party with my friends tonight but I'm too busy.
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친구들이 제 생일 파티를 열어줬어요.
chin goo deul i je seng il pa ti reul yul uh jwut uh yo.
My friends threw a birthday party for me.
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