Korean Word: 영국
Romanization: yung gook
English Meaning: The United Kingdom, England

Example Sentences:

영국에서는 토스트에 콩을 얹은 요리가 인기입니다.
yung gook e suh neun to seu teu e kong eul un eun yo ri ga in gi ip ni da.
In England beans on toast is a popular dish.
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그는 영국에서 2년 동안 불법으로 일을 해오고 있습니다.
geu neun yung gook e suh i nyun dong an bool bup eu ro il eul he o go it seup ni da.
He has been working illegally in the UK for 2 years.
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영국에 있는 제 은행계좌로 돈을 좀 송금하려고 하는데요.
yung gook e it neun je eun heng gye jwa ro don eul jom song geum ha ryuh go ha neun de yo.
I'd like to transfer some money to my UK bank.
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Alan Turing은 영국의 수학자였습니다.
Alan Turing eun yung gook eui soo hak ja yut seup ni da.
Alan Turing was an English mathematician.
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영국의 날씨는 참 지독해요.
yung gook eui nal si neun cham ji dok he yo.
The weather is awful in England.
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영국에서는 2004년에 여우 사냥이 금지되었습니다.
yung gook e suh neun i chun sa nyun e yuh woo sa nyang i geum ji dwe ut seup ni da.
In the UK fox-hunting was banned in 2004.
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영국에서는 차를 아주 많이 마셔요.
yung gook e suh neun cha reul a joo man i ma shuh yo.
Tea is very popular in Great Britain.
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