Korean Word: 이후
Romanization: i hoo
English Meaning: since, after

Example Sentences:

회사가 가격을 인상한 이후로, 매출액이 크게 줄었습니다.
hwe sa ga ga gyuk wool in sang han i hoo ro, me chool ek i koo ge jool ut soop ni da.
Since the firm increased prices, the turnover dropped dramatically.
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그녀는 새로운 직장을 찾은 이후로 덜 우울해졌습니다.
geu nyuh neun se ro woon jik jang eul chat eun i hoo ro dul woo wool he jyut seup ni da.
She has been less depressed since she found a new job.
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주문량이 줄어든 이후, 그 회사는 직원의 50퍼센트를 통보없이 해고 했다.
joo moon ryang i jool uh deun i hoo, geu hwe sa neun jik wun eui o ship puh sen teu reul tong bo up shi he go het da.
Since orders declined, the company has fired 50% of the work force without notice.
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버마는 1962년 이후 독재 정권하에 있습니다.
buh ma neun 1962 nyun i hoo dok je jung gwun ha e it seup ni da.
Burma has been under a dictatorship since 1962.
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Related Words:


1. after 2. to smell (hanja)

Here: after

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