Korean Word:
Romanization: cham
English Meaning: 1. very, really 2. time 3. meal, snack 4. by the way 5. oh! (realization)

Example Sentences:

오늘 날씨가 참 좋다.
o neul nal si ga cham jo ta.
The weather is very nice today.
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한 학년을 다시 들어야 한다고? 참 형편없는 성적을 냈구나!
han hak nyun eul da shi deu ruh ya han da go? cham hyung pyun up neun sung juk eul net goo na!
You have to repeat another school year? What lousy performance!
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영국의 날씨는 참 지독해요.
yung gook eui nal si neun cham ji dok he yo.
The weather is awful in England.
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"당신은 참 감사할 줄 모르는 사람이군요!"라고 그가 화를 내며 말했다.
"dang shin eun cham gam sa hal jool mo reu neun sa ram i goon yo !" ra go geu ga hwa reul ne myuh mal het da.
"You are so ungrateful!" he said angrily.
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