Korean Word: 폭발
Romanization: pok bal
English Meaning: explosion

Example Sentences:

폭탄이 모두 동시에 폭발했습니다.
pok tan i mo doo dong shi e pok bal het soop ni da.
The bombs all detonated at the same time.
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몇 마일 떨어진 곳에서도 폭발이 느껴졌습니다.
myut ma il tul uh jin got e suh do pok bal i neu kyuh jyut seup ni da.
The explosion was felt for miles.
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그 군인은 폭발에 죽었습니다.
geu goon in eun pok bal e jook ut seup ni da.
The soldier was killed in an explosion.
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우주의 탄생은 대폭발과 함께 시작되었다.
woo joo eui tan seng eun de pok bal gwa ham ke shi jak dwe ut da.
The birth of the universe started with the big bang.
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65명의 광부들이 가스 폭발로 사망했습니다.
65 myung eui gwang boo deul i ga seu pok bal ro sa mang het seup ni da.
65 miners died in a gas explosion.
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