Korean Word: 주인
Romanization: joo in
English Meaning: owner, landlord, master
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Example Sentences:

이 호텔의 주인과 이야기할 수 있을까요?
i ho tel eui joo in gwa i ya gi hal soo it seul ka yo?
Can I speak to the owner of the hotel?
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저희 아파트가 축축해요. 집주인에게 연락해야겠어요.
juh hui a pa teu ga chook chook he yo. jip joo in e ge yul lak he ya get uh yo.
Our apartment is damp. We have to call the landlord.
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저희 집주인은 참견하기를 아주 좋아해요.
juh hi jip joo in eun cham gyun ha gi reul a joo jo a he yo.
My landlord is very nosy.
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