Korean Word:
Romanization: uh
English Meaning: 1. language 2. fish 3. (particle to make a question, casual tone) 4. (particle to finish a sentence, casual tone) 5. by 6. (connector between predicates) 7. What?, Excuse me? (casual tone) 8. Oh! or Err..(filler) 9. Yes (casual tone)
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Word Forms: 여 (yuh)

Example Sentences:

마우스를 사용하여 복사하고자 하는 텍스트를 선택하십시오.
ma woo soo rool sa yong ha yuh bok sa ha go ja ha noon tek soo too rool sun tek ha sip si o.
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프랭크는 유리병에 도마뱀을 넣어 키우고 있습니다.
peu reng keu noon yoo ri byung e do ma bem wool nuh uh ki woo go it soop ni da.
Frank is keeping a lizard in his terrarium.
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제기랄! 비밀번호를 또 잊어버렸어!
je gi ral! bi mil bun ho rool to i juh buh ryut uh!
Shoot! I've forgotten my password again!
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중국어는 수직으로 또는 수평으로 글을 쓸 수 있다.
joong gook uh neun soo jik eu ro to neun soo pyung eu ro geul eul seul soo it da.
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포르투갈어를 쓰는 사람들은 스페인어를 쓰는 사람들보다 적다.
po roo too gal uh rool soo noon sa ram dool woon soo pe in uh rool soo noon sa ram dool bo da juk da.
Fewer people speak Portuguese than Spanish.
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너한테 실망했어.
nuh han te shil mang het uh.
I'm disappointed in you.
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넌 Kenny를 속일 수 없어. Kenny는 사실을 알고 있다고.
nun Kenny reul sok il soo up uh . Kenny neun sa shil eul al go it da go.
You cannot fool Kenny, he knows the facts.
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