Korean Word: 지르다
Romanization: ji roo da
English Meaning: to scream, to shout, to yell

Word Forms: 지르 (ji reu), 질렀 (jil lut)

Example Sentences:

그는 너무 화가 나서 그녀에게 소리를 질렀습니다.
geu neun nuh moo hwa ga na suh geu nyuh e ge so ri reul jil lut seup ni da.
He was so angry that he yelled at her.
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"최대한 빨리 달려!" 그는 당황해서 비명을 질렀습니다.
"chwe de han pal li dal lyuh !" geu neun dang hwang he suh bi myung eul jil lut seup ni da.
"Run as fast as you can!" he screamed in panic.
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