Korean Word:
Romanization: do
English Meaning: 1. as well, too 2. either, neither 3. even (adverb) 4. although, even if 5. degree (angle or temperature) 6. district, province 7. island 8. drawing, picture 9. principle, doctrine

Example Sentences:

이 내용은 독일어로도 나와 있습니다.
i ne yong eun dok il uh ro do na wa it seup ni da.
This text is also available in German.
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아무한테도 말하지 않겠습니다.
a moo han te do mal ha ji an get seup ni da.
I won't tell anybody.
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저도 그렇게 생각합니다.
juh do goo rut ge seng gak hap ni da.
I think so too.
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그 사람은 부상으로 목숨을 잃을 수도 있었어요.
geu sa ram eun boo sang eu ro mok soom eul il eul soo do it sut uh yo.
His injuries were life-threatening.
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조사한 것에서 아무 결과도 나오지 않았습니다.
jo sa han gut e suh a moo gyul gwa do na o ji an at seup ni da.
The search didn't show a result.
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이 나무는 나이가 100년도 더 되었습니다.
i na moo noon na i ga 100 nyun do duh dwe ut soop ni da.
This tree is over one hundred years old.
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우리 아버지는 농부셨어요. 아버지는 강원도 시골에 사셨습니다.
woo ri a buh ji neun nong boo shut uh yo. a buh ji neun gang wun do si gol e sa shut seup ni da.
My father was a farmer. He lived in a village in Gangwon-do.
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