Korean Word:
Romanization: gom
English Meaning: bear (animal)

Example Sentences:

루마니아에는 갈색 곰이 많이 살고 있습니다.
roo ma ni a e neun gal sek gom i man i sal go it seup ni da.
Many brown bears live in Romania.
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판다곰은 중국에 삽니다.
pan da gom eun joong gook e sap ni da.
The panda lives in China.
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이 근처에서 곰이 자주 발견되었습니다.
i geun chuh e suh gom i ja joo bal gyun dwe ut seup ni da.
There were several sightings of a bear around here.
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13세기에 유럽 전역에는 춤추는 곰들이 있었습니다.
ship sam se gi e yoo rup jun yuk e neun choom choo neun gom deul i it sut seup ni da.
All of Europe had dancing bears during the 13th century.
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