Korean Word:
Romanization: gun
English Meaning: 1. case 2. (short form of "것은 or 것인")
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Example Sentences:

이건 몇년간 연습한 결과입니다.
i gun myut nyun gan yun soop han gyul gwa ip ni da.
This takes years of practice.
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웃지마! 이건 심각한 일이야.
woot ji ma! i gun sim ga kan il i ya.
Don't laugh! This is a serious matter!
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그건 저의 발상이었습니다.
goo gun juh ui bal sang i ut soop ni da.
It was my idea.
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이건 가능하지 않습니다.
i gun ga neung ha ji an soop ni da.
This isn't possible.
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제게 가족보다 중요한 건 없어요.
je ge ga jok bo da joong yo han gun up suh yo.
Nothing is more important to me than my family.
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일부러 창피 주려고 한 건 아니에요.
il boo ruh chang pi joo ryuh go han gun a ni e yo.
I didn't mean to embarrass you.
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저를 체포하실 건가요?
juh reul che po ha shil gun ga yo?
Am I under arrest?
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