Korean Word:
Romanization: cha
English Meaning: 1. car 2. tea 3. time, turn, order 4. for (+reason) 5. difference
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Example Sentences:

구급차를 부를까요?
goo geup cha reul boo reul ka yo?
Should I call an ambulance?
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한국에서는 고속도로에서 차가 종종 막힙니다.
han gook e suh noon go sok do ro e suh cha ga jong jong ma kip ni da.
In Korea there are often traffic jams on the highways.
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제 2차 세계 대전 중에 포르투갈은 중립국이었습니다.
je 2 cha se gye de jun joong e po roo too gal woon joong rip gook i ut soop ni da.
During the Second World War Portugal remained neutral.
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저는 아침 식사를 한 뒤 곧 시내로 차를 몰고 나갔습니다.
juh neun a chim shik sa reul han dwi got shi ne ro cha reul mol go na gat seup ni da.
I had breakfast, and shortly afterwards I drove into town.
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이 차를 산 것은 실수였습니다.
i cha reul san gut eun shil soo yut seup ni da.
Buying this car was a mistake.
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이 도시는 2차대전 때 거의 파괴되었습니다.
i do si noon 2 cha de jun te guh ui pa gwe dwe ut soop ni da.
This city was almost completely destroyed in the second world war.
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제가 차를 태워드릴까요?
je ga cha reul te wuh doo ril ka yo?
Shall I give you a lift?
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