Korean Word:
Romanization: dun
English Meaning: 1. (particle in verb to add meaning of past) 2. used to

Example Sentences:

그 여자분이 약지에 끼고 있던 멋진 다이아몬드를 보았습니까?
geu yuh ja boon i yak ji e ki go it dun mut jin da i a mon deu reul bo at seup ni ka?
Did you see the beautiful diamond on her ring finger?
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그가 뭐라던가요?
geu ga mwu ra dun ga yo?
What did he say?
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이건 저희 할아버지께서 가장 애용하시던 안락의자였습니다.
i gun juh hui hal a buh ji ke suh ga jang e yong ha si dun an rak ui ja yut soop ni da.
This was my grandfather's favourite armchair.
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무슨 생각을 하고 있었던거죠?!
moo seun seng gak eul ha go it ut dun guh jyo?!
What were you thinking?!
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어제 정확히 무슨 일이 있었던 겁니까?
uh je jung hwak hi moo seun il i it sut dun gup ni ka?
What exactly happened yesterday?
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영국 병사 한 명이 지뢰를 제거하던 중에 사망했습니다.
yung gook byung sa han myung i ji rwe reul je guh ha dun joong e sa mang het seup ni da.
A British soldier was killed while clearing mines.
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