Grammar Lesson 6:

How to say "have to" and "had to"

When you want to say "have to" you can just add "야 돼요" after the verb. 


1) I have to go. 저 가야 돼요. 
2) I have to work. 저 일해야 돼요. 
3) I have to sleep. 저 자야 돼요. 
4) I have to meet him. 저는 그를 만나야 돼요. 

Now, since you learned how to make a past tense in Lesson 5, you can also make this past tense by adding "ㅆ어요" 


1) I had to go. 저는 가야 됐어요. 
2) I had to work. 저는 일해야 됐어요. 
3) I had to sleep. 저는 자야 됐어요. 
4) I had to meet him. 저는 그를 만나야 됐어요.

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