Grammar Lesson 20:

-기로 했어요

When you want to talk about your plans with other people, you can use this expression "-기로 했어요."

Here are examples. 
1. 이번 주말에 친구들하고 보드게임까페에 가기로 했어요
I made a plan to go to a board game cafe this weekend. 

2. 다음 주에 친구하고 만나서 점심 먹기로 했어요
I made a plan to meet and have lunch with my friend next week. 

3. 다음 달에 가족들하고 사진관에서 사진 찍기로 했어요
I made a plan to have a picture taken at the studio with my family next month. 

Make sure you use this expression only for plans with someone else. 
If it's a plan just for yourself, you would use 할 거예요 (I'm going to), 하려고 해요 (I'm planning to), or 할 예정이에요 (I'm planning to). 

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