Grammar Lesson 15:

How to say "before"

As opposed to "after," there is only one way to say "before." It is -기 전에 

1. 집에 오기 전에 가게에 들러서 요거트를 샀어요. 
Before I came home, I stopped at a store and bought yogurt. 

2. 가게 들르기 전에 이상한 사람을 봤어요. 
Before I stopped at a store, I saw a strange person.

3. 길 건너기 전에 왼쪽 오른쪽을 잘 살피세요. 
Before you cross the street, look left and right carefully.

4. 뛰기 전에 준비운동을 충분히 해 주세요. 
Before you run, warm up enough.

5. 운동 전에 물을 충분히 드세요. 
Before exercise, drink enough water. (*When you use it with a noun, you don't need to put 기)

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