Hiragana: たくさん
Katakana: タクサン

Romaji: takusan
English Meaning: much, many, plentifully

Example Sentences:

anata to watashi ni wa kyōtsūten ga totemo takusan arimasu.
You and I have so much in common.
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koremade ni nai atarashii inshō o takusan uketa.
There were a lot of new impressions to digest.
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rūmania ni wa higuma ga takusan imasu.
Many brown bears live in Romania.
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hatten tojōkoku ni wa mazushii hitobito ga takusan imasu.
There are many poor people in the Third World.
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tōkyō ni wa okanemochi ga takusan iru.
There are many rich people in Tokyo.
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kion ga takai node, ka ga takusan imasu.
Because of the heat there are a lot mosquitoes.
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watashi no imōto wa, sobakasu ga takusan arimasu.
My little sister has many freckles.
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