Italian Word: sulla
English Meaning: on the, about the
German Meaning: über die

Word Forms: sulle

Example Sentences:

Roberto Saviano è l'autore di un discusso libro sulla camorra.
Roberto Saviano is the author of a controversial book about the camorra mafia.
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La forza del vento ha fatto cadere l'albero sulla casa del mio vicino.
The force of the wind caused the tree to fall on my neighbour's house.
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Non riesco a indossare la lana, mi prude troppo sulla pelle.
I can't wear wool, it itches my skin too much.
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Dalla torre, potrete godere di vedute spettacolari sulla città.
From the tower, you can enjoy spectacular views of the town.
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L'hanno riconosciuto grazie alla cicatrice sulla guancia sinistra.
He was identified thanks to the scar on his left cheek.
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Hai notato la frase sulla tua maglietta?
Have you seen what's written on your t-shirt?
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Hai dimenticato il tuo libro di storia sulla mia scrivania.
You left your history book on my writing desk.
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Related Words:


1. on, about 2. out of, in (probability)

Here: on, about

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1. the (feminine singular) 2. her (direct object pronoun) 3. you (formal)

Here: (female article)

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