Italian Word: Roma f.
English Meaning: Rome (capital city in Italy)
German Meaning: Rom
Spanish Meaning: Roma
French Meaning: Rome

Example Sentences:

Roma è la capitale d'Italia.
Rome is Italy's capital.
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Cos'altro dovremmo fare a Roma?
What else should we do in Rome?
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Ci sono molti monumenti famosi a Roma.
There are many famous monuments in Rome.
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Quant'è distante Roma da qui?
How far is Rome from here?
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Roma non fu costruita in un giorno.
Rome wasn't built in a day.
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Il traffico a Roma è molto disordinato.
The traffic in Rome is very disorderly.
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Mio padre era un contadino e viveva in un paese vicino a Roma.
My father was a farmer, he lived in a village near Rome.
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