Italian Word: lui
English Meaning: he, him

Example Sentences:

Guardalo lui, come si pavoneggia quando ci sono delle ragazze!
Look at him, how he parades when there are girls around!
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Ne ho avuto abbastanza di lui, si lamenta sempre!
I've had enough of him, he's always complaining!
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Sabato sarei dovuto andare al cinema con Giovanni, ma lui era malato.
I was supposed to go to the cinema with John on Saturday, but he was ill.
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Lui disse: "Buon Natale!" e sorrise.
He said: "Merry Christmas!" and smiled.
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Lui è un avvocato molto ambizioso.
He is a very ambitious lawyer.
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Lui ama cantare.
He loves to sing.
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Lui non mi piace.
I don't like him.
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