Italian Word: finire
English Meaning: 1. to finish, to end 2. to end up
German Meaning: beenden

Word Forms: finirai, finisce, finita, finito

Example Sentences:

Lei ha finito di studiare a venticinque anni.
She finished studying when she was twenty-five years old.
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Che tipo di università ti piacerebbe frequentare quando avrai finito la scuola?
Which kind of university would you like to attend when you'll be finished with school?
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Se non ti copri come si deve, finirai con l'ammalarti.
If you don't cover yourself up properly, you'll become sick.
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Sto aspettando che abbiano finito di mangiare.
I'm waiting for them to finish eating.
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Devo finire questo lavoro entro la fine del mese.
I have to finish this job by the end of the month.
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Dov'è finita?
Where has she gone?
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Hai già finito?
You've finished already?
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