Italian Word: diventare
English Meaning: 1. to become 2. to grow 3. to get
German Meaning: werden

Word Forms: diventa, diventando, diventano, diventata, diventato, diventerà, diventerai, diventerò, diventò

Example Sentences:

In autunno le foglie diventano marroni.
In autumn the leaves become brown.
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Mio cugino vuole diventare un attore.
My cousin wants to become an actor.
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Il mio obiettivo è quello di diventare interprete di conferenza o traduttrice freelance.
My aim is to become a conference interpreter or a freelance translator.
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Se Antonio continua a mangiare così, diventerà obeso.
If Antonio keeps on eating the way he does, he'll become obese.
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Quanto costa diventare socio?
How much does it cost to become a member?
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Il semaforo è diventato verde.
The traffic light turned green.
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È diventato milionario dopo aver scoperto una mancanza nel mercato.
He became a millionaire after spotting a gap in the market.
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