Italian Word: delle
English Meaning: of the, from the, some
German Meaning: von der, von dem

Example Sentences:

Mia sorella vuole piantare delle rose gialle.
My sister wants to plant some yellow roses.
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Gli abiti delle due sorelle erano bellissimi.
The dresses of the two sisters were very beautiful.
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La pittura ad acquerello è una delle tecniche di pittura più popolari.
Watercolour painting is one of the most popular painting techniques.
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Ci sono delle meravigliose piste da sci in Svizzera.
There are some wonderful ski slopes in Switzerland.
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Guardalo lui, come si pavoneggia quando ci sono delle ragazze!
Look at him, how he parades when there are girls around!
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I koala, i panda e gli orsi polari sono delle specie protette.
Koalas, pandas and polar bears are protected species.
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In questo negozio vendono delle magliette molto economiche.
They sell very cheap T-shirts in this shop.
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Related Words:


of, from, about, than, to, with, by

Here: of, from, about, than, to, with

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1. the (feminine plural) 2. them 3. her 4. to you (formal)

Here: the, them

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