Italian Word: bellissimo
Feminine: bellissima
Plural: bellissimi
Plural (Feminine): bellissime
English Meaning: lovely, wonderful, beautiful
German Meaning: wunderschön

Example Sentences:

Il gioielliere mi ha venduto un bellissimo orologio.
The jeweller sold me a beautiful watch.
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Gli abiti delle due sorelle erano bellissimi.
The two sisters' dresses were beautiful.
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Questa proprietà confina con un bellissimo parco.
This property borders a beautiful park.
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È bellissimo veder sorgere il sole.
It's beautiful to see the sun rising.
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I fenicotteri sono animali bellissimi.
Flamingos are very beautiful animals.
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Barcellona ha 7 bellissime spiagge.
Barcelona has 7 beautiful beaches.
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Ci sono molte spiagge bellissime nelle Filippine.
There are many beautiful beaches in the Philippines.
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Related Words:

bello   (Pl: belli, Fem: bella, Pl Fem: belle)

1. beautiful, handsome 2. fair, considerable

Here: beautiful, handsome

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