Italian Word: per favore
English Meaning: please
German Meaning: Bitte!

Example Sentences:

Vorrei un frappè alla banana, per favore.
I would like a banana milkshake, please.
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Posso parlare con il tuo capo, per favore?
Can I talk to your boss, please?
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Per favore, puoi ripetere?
Can you please repeat that?
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Possiamo cambiare argomento per favore?
Can we change the topic please?
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Siediti, per favore!
Please sit down!
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Puoi abbassare il volume per favore?
Could you turn down the volume please? (radio)
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La valigia è molto pesante. Mi aiuti per favore?
The suitcase is very heavy. Can you help me, please?
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Related Words:


1. in order that 2. times (math multiplication) 3. per 4. to 5. by (math division) 6. as 7. for 8. along

Here: as

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favore m.   (Pl: favori)


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