Italian Word: consigliare
English Meaning: to recommend, to advise
German Meaning: empfehlen
Spanish Meaning: recomendar
French Meaning: recommander

Word Forms: consigli, consiglia, consigliarmi, consigliato, consiglio

Example Sentences:

Se vai a Mosca, ti consiglio di visitare la Cattedrale.
If you go to Moscow, I advise you to visit the Cathedral.
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Puoi consigliarmi una buona scuola di lingue nei dintorni?
Can you recommend a good language school here?
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Le ho consigliato di andare dal medico.
I advised her to go to the doctor.
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Consiglio la lettura di questo articolo di giornale.
I recommend reading this newspaper article.
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Puoi consigliarmi un ristorante nelle vicinanze?
Can you recommend a restaurant nearby?
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Cosa consigli?
What do you recommend?
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Mi consigli alcuni piatti in questo ristorante?
Can you recommend some dishes at this restaurant?
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