Italian Word: nonostante
English Meaning: although, nevertheless, in spite of
German Meaning: obwohl
Spanish Meaning: aunque
French Meaning: bien que

Example Sentences:

Nonostante la globalizzazione, c'è ancora molto razzismo nel mondo.
Despite globalisation, there is still a lot of racism in the world.
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Mio marito non mette mai la cravatta, nonostante gli doni molto.
My husband never wears a tie, although it suits him very well.
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Nonostante i medici non nutrissero più speranze per lei, migliorò e fu dimessa dall'ospedale.
Although the doctors held out no hope of her recovery, she got better and was discharged from the hospital.
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Nonostante non abbia avuto un'istruzione formale, è un imprenditore di successo.
Even though he doesn't have a formal education, he is a successful entrepreneur.
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