Italian Word: scorso
Feminine: scorsa
Plural: scorsi
Plural (Feminine): scorse
English Meaning: last, previous, past (adj)
German Meaning: letzte, vergangen

Example Sentences:

Un forte terremoto ha colpito la California la scorsa notte.
A strong earthquake struck California last night.
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L'estate scorsa sono andata in Spagna.
Last summer I went to Spain.
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La notte scorsa, dopo cena, ho avuto un forte attacco di diarrea.
Last night, after dinner, I did have a strong diarrhea attack.
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La settimana scorsa ho comprato una nuova fotocamera digitale.
Last week I bought a new digital camera.
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Mio zio morì di cancro l'anno scorso.
My uncle died of cancer last year.
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Questo è uno dei più grandi delitti irrisolti del secolo scorso.
This is one of the greatest unsolved crimes of last century.
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L'inverno scorso non ha nevicato.
Last winter we didn't have any snow.
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