Italian Word: dall'
English Meaning: from the, to the
German Meaning: von der, zum (da + l')

Word Forms: dall

Example Sentences:

Sono andato dall'ottico per prendere un nuovo paio di occhiali.
I went to the optician to get a new pair of glasses.
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Oggi arriva in Italia un mio lontano parente dall'America.
A distant relative of mine is arriving today in Italy from America.
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L'opera svolta dall'Organizzazione mondiale della sanità è veramente ammirevole.
The activity carried out by the World Health Organisation is really praiseworthy.
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Nonostante i medici non nutrissero più speranze per lei, migliorò e fu dimessa dall'ospedale.
Although the doctors held out no hope of her recovery, she got better and was discharged from the hospital.
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Dopo il concerto degli AC/DC sono dovuto andare dall'otorino
After the AC/DC concert I had to go to the ear doctor.
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Il rumore proveniente dall'esterno mi ha svegliato.
The noise outside woke me up.
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Ci ha messo molto a riprendersi dall'incidente stradale.
It took her a long time to recover from her car accident.
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Related Words:


from, by, to, of, at

Here: from, by, to, of

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the, him, it (used before a vowel)

Here: the, it (used before a vowel)

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