Italian Word: desiderare
English Meaning: to desire, to want, to wish
German Meaning: begehren, wünschen
French Meaning: désirer

Word Forms: desidera, desiderate, desiderato, desideri, desidero

Example Sentences:

Claudia ha sempre desiderato vivere in un ambiente moderno e cosmopolita.
Claudia has always wished to live in a modern and cosmopolitan environment.
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Ho sempre desiderato imparare un'arte marziale, quindi ho deciso di andare a lezione di karate durante l'estate.
I've always wanted to learn a martial art, so I've decided to take classes in Karate during the summer.
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Desideri una tazza di tè?
Would you like a cup of tea?
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Desidero inoltre sottoscrivere questa polizza, per non correre rischi.
Additionally I would take out this insurance, just to be on the safe side.
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Cosa desideri per dessert?
What would you like for dessert?
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Desidera altro?
Anything else?
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