Italian Word: quasi
English Meaning: 1. almost, nearly 2. hardly
German Meaning: beinahe

Example Sentences:

Il latino è insegnato in molte scuole ma non lo usa quasi nessuno.
Latin is still taught in many schools but almost nobody uses it.
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Rallenta, stai andando quasi a novanta all'ora!
Hey, slow down a bit, you're doing nearly ninety!
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Questa specie animale si è quasi estinta.
This animal species is almost extinct.
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Questa città fu quasi completamente distrutta durante la seconda guerra mondiale.
This city was almost completely destroyed in the second world war.
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Durante gli attentati dell'11 settembre sono morte quasi 3000 persone.
Nearly 3000 people died during the September 11 attacks.
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È ancora in lutto per suo marito a quasi due anni dalla sua morte.
She is still grieving for her husband, almost two years after his death.
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Con questa dieta ho perso quasi 15 kg.
With this diet I dropped almost 15 kg.
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