Italian Word: guidare
English Meaning: 1. to guide, to lead 2. to drive (a vehicle)
German Meaning: lenken, steuern

Word Forms: guida, guidano, guidata, guidato, guidi, guido

Example Sentences:

Adoro ascoltare musica rock mentre guido perché mi tiene sveglio.
I love listening to rock music while driving because it keeps me awake.
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Preferisco guidare alla luce del giorno.
I prefer driving during daylight.
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Ho fatto colazione, e poco dopo ho guidato fino in città.
I had breakfast, and shortly afterwards I drove into town.
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Che tipo di auto guidi?
What kind of car do you drive?
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Guida più piano, per favore!
Please drive more slowly!
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È meglio inserire una marcia bassa quando si guida su una strada in discesa.
It's best to drive in a lower gear when going downhill.
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Guidi troppo veloce!
You drive too fast!
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