Italian Word: c'è
Plural: ci sono
English Meaning: there is

Example Sentences:

Qui c'è il programma della serata.
Here is tonight's program.
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In Australia ci sono molti ragni velenosi.
There are many venomous spiders in Australia.
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Pronto, sono Laura. C'è Ian?
Hello, it's Laura. Is Ian there?
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Nonostante la globalizzazione, c'è ancora molto razzismo nel mondo.
In spite of globalisation, there is still a lot of racism in the world.
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In Africa ci sono molte specie di animali.
There are many animal species in Africa.
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Nella mia città c'è una moschea musulmana.
There is a Muslim mosque in my town.
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Ieri sera c'è stato un potente temporale.
Last night there was a powerful storm.
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Related Words:


1. us 2. here 3. about it 4. it (impersonal) 5. there 6. each other

Here: there

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1. is 2. (you) are (formal)

Here: is

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