Italian Word: tenere
English Meaning: to hold, to keep
German Meaning: halten

Word Forms: tenersi, tenga, tengo, tengono, tennero, tenute, tenuti, tenuto, terrò, tiene, tieni

Example Sentences:

Adoro ascoltare musica rock mentre guido perché mi tiene sveglio.
I love listening to rock music while driving because it keeps me awake.
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Le rose non dovrebbero essere tenute nei vasi.
Roses should not be kept in a vase.
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Il miglior insegnante è quello che sa tenere la disciplina.
The best teacher is the one who knows how to keep discipline.
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Si dice che l'aglio tenga alla larga i vampiri.
Garlic is said to keep vampires away.
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Non mi piace andare allo zoo, odio vedere gli animali tenuti in gabbia.
I don't like going to the zoo, I hate seeing animals kept in cages.
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Tengo una pianta in vaso sul mio davanzale.
I keep a potted plant on my window sill.
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I primi campionati di Coppa del Mondo in Africa si tennero nel 2010.
The first World Cup in Africa took place in 2010.
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