Italian Word: fu
English Meaning: (third-person singular past historic of essere)

Example Sentences:

Michelangelo fu uno scultore importante.
Michelangelo was an important sculptor.
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La produzione fu interrotta per via di un incidente.
The production was interrupted due to an accident.
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Aldo Moro fu fatto ostaggio in un'imboscata il 16 marzo 1978.
Aldo Moro was kidnapped in an ambush on March 16, 1978.
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Lo sciopero fu revocato all'ultimo minuto.
The strike was called off at the last minute.
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Roma non fu costruita in un giorno.
Rome wasn't built in a day.
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Il poliziotto fu sparato alla gamba.
The policeman was shot in the leg.
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La sua offerta di un aiuto finanziario fu rifiutata.
His offer to help financially was turned down.
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Related Words:


1. to be 2. to exist

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