Italian Word: era
English Meaning: was

Example Sentences:

L'esame di ieri era difficile.
Yesterday's exam was difficult.
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La sua testa era completamente calva.
His head was completely bald.
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Lo sposo era molto pallido.
The groom was very pale.
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Mio nonno era uno scultore in marmo.
My grandfather was a marble sculptor.
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Alessandro Natta, segretario del Partito Comunista, era il sesto figlio di un macellaio.
Alessandro Natta, secretary of the Communist Party, was the sixth son of a butcher.
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Sabato sarei dovuto andare al cinema con Giovanni, ma lui era malato.
I was supposed to go to the cinema with John on Saturday, but he was ill.
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Quella torta era deliziosa, puoi darmi la ricetta?
That cake was delicious, can you give me the recipe?
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Related Words:


1. to be 2. to exist

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