Italian Word: sono
English Meaning: 1. I'm 2. they're

Example Sentences:

Sono le tre e mezza.
It's half past three.
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Sono tutto orecchie.
I'm all ears. (I'm listening attentively)
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Pronto, sono Laura. C'è Ian?
Hello, it's Laura. Is Ian there?
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L'estate scorsa sono andata in Spagna.
Last summer I went to Spain.
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Sono andato dal meccanico per farmi revisionare la macchina.
I went to the garage to have my car serviced.
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Sono abbastanza pigro ma gioco un po' a tennis.
I'm rather lazy but I do a bit of tennis.
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No, non sono miei, sono di Luca.
No, they're not mine. They're Luca's.
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Related Words:


1. to be 2. to exist

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